MAS Group is established in September 2013 by ambitious and innovating professionals Afzal Chand and Stefan Smits.
On April 1st 2014 Marcel Jongerius joined the company as third partner and brought a wealth of knowledge and experience into the MAS team. After making career at several multi nationals, they decided to join forces to be able to take their knowledge and talents to a higher level. The result of this is the establishment of MAS Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries MAS Facilities B.V. and MAS Coatings B.V., known as MAS Group.

The headquarters of MAS Group is located in Druten, the Netherlands.
Our production and R&D facility is located in Winschoten, the Netherlands.
To strengthen our sales force, Güray Sarkin joined the company as General Manager Turkey on May 1st 2014.
Güray has a Commercial and Technical background and a solid track record as Sales and Technical Manager for coatings and inks at multi nationals.

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